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Are you ready for a comfortable, luxurious bathroom?

Bathrooms need to be functional as well as comfortable. How to make the space you have as luxurious as possible, and have your storage needs realized? These are the questions that one of our experienced designers can help you with. Taking the time to discuss how the space is going to be used, by whom, and what needs and desires you have for the space is so important.

Luxurious Bathroom

How it works.

Our professional staff make the process simple and effective. You just sit back and enjoy the journey.

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After plans are received or measurements taken, we do an in-depth meeting to discuss your wants and needs. Everything from specialty hardware to appliances to sinks and faucets is considered in the design process. We look at your space and all the details required for your specific needs.

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We create a 3D design along with detailed quote, which we go over in person or by zoom meeting with all decision makers.

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Once final drawings are approved, we manufacture your job. When it is complete, you come into our manufacturing facility to see, feel and touch your new Creation, set up on our staging area before install. Or if you are out of town, a video and pictures are sent to you for approval prior to installation.

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Our qualified, in-house install team delivers and installs your order. Our professional team will take care of everything, including clean up!  When completed, a site inspection is done to assure quality and your satisfaction.