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Computerized Designing, Manufacturing and Installation of High-quality European Style Kitchens and Cabinetry with Granite, Marble and Quartz Countertop Production Facilities.
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I have know and worked with James Bradley for many years. He designed and built the custom shelving in our liquor store, Spirits of Mt. Seymour, in North Vancouver. Very recently, James and his group did an interior facelift to our fifteen year old neighbourhood pub, The Black Bear…

Ronald Wm. Slinger
Black Bear
Neighbourhood Pub
Spirits of Mt. Seymour

James Bradley, of James Bradley Consulting (PPI Parent Company) created exactly the theme and vision we were after when we hired him to design our new retail liquor store, Capone’s Cellar. He gave us a brilliant interior and retail design, all within budget and with complete, accurate, well-accepted blueprints…

Dave Formosa
Shinglemill Pub & Bistro
Capone’s Cellar Liquor Store
Lund Hotel & Resort